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Inspiration through Mobile Phone Photography

I was not that into photography from beginning. My first camera and the only camera I had for a long time was a film camera that came free with a Nido family pack. In old days I was more afraid about whether I will get the film properly exposed rather than getting the right photography. Out of 36 possible photos in a film I used to get only 15-20 photos that are worth developing and even fewer photos worth showing to everyone. All this created a sort of mixed emotion of shyness and laziness towards photography for me. The dawn of digital cameras should have easily fixed this for me but it was mobile phone photography that gave a new life to the photographer inside me.

I had quite a few camera phones, most of them being Nokia phones. I seldom used those cameras due to either the high noise in the photos or due to lag there is for the photo to be taken or to be stored. Sony Ericssons were good. Currently I am using an Android powered HTC Desire HD. Its this one that slowly started generating my interest in Photography and really inspired me to shoot more. This finally landed me into the world of DSLRs.

Mobile Cameras are one of the best ways for hobbyists to enter wonderful world of photogrpahy. Their limitations allows to explore your creativity. Lacking those fancy controls means you will be spending more time shooting pictures than thinking about the technicalities of it. It allows you to learn alot about composition.Speaking of limitations, most of them can be overcome. First of the all the camera itself. Mobiles try to pack alot of Megapixels in a tiny sensor to fit in the compact package. This sure makes it easy to carry but it takes a big toll on the noise and image quality. Low light conditions are one of mobile camera’s worst enemy. The scene is rapidly changing with phones coming in with better quality sensors and flashes. Explore all ways to add as much light into the frame as possible. Keep learning from your experience and try creative ways. Almost always use some good noise removal softwares in the post. Applications like Camera360 and Instagram allows quick post processing that adds an extra appeal to your photos. You wont need much post once these applications are done with your photo.

Here is an awesome post at Appstorm on how to take better photos with your phone.

Some photos I took with my HTC Desire HD are displayed below. Let me know what you think.


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