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I will dedicate this page to share some information about me. So here goes. I was born in August 8, 1986 to two of the most loving parents you can ever imagine. I was born and brought up in Trivandrum, a small district in Kerala, India. But being an animator means you got to move to a lot of places based on where your career takes you. Currently I am residing in the Pune, India. I enjoy gaming, photography, technology, web design, drawing,  food (all kinds!), driving, movies, and of course animation.

On July 4, 2011 when America was celebrating independence I got married to my college sweetheart the amazing Jinu Thomas. We had an insanely cute baby girl in April 2012 and we named her Asmi.

Life as a Student.

My parents are doctors and they naturally wanted me to be a doctor too.  I was a confused child who didn’t have much choices other than Engineer or Doctor as my career choices at that time. I absolutely loved VFX, 3D Games and Animated Films and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. But never knew which part. Life took me along medical entrance coaching classes (which proved I am not that good with medicine) and finally landed me in Electronics and Communication engineering in Mar Baselios College of Engineering.  I loved technology and electronics, although not to the point of a degree on them. I managed to become a Graduate in Electronics Engineering in 2008. Now I am grateful to life for dumping me in Engineering because it made me a better technology nerd, paved way to CG world, and above all I was able to meet the love of my life.

Entry to Computer Graphics happened around mid way in college in 2006 when I decided to learn some 3D Software packages. I joined a place called CADD Center and did a diploma in multimedia software. Out of all the different streams of computer graphics I knew my love is for computer animation. After college in 2008 I joined a institute called Cluster School of Digital Arts to learn more about animation. I met up with two of my biggest mentors of animation there Raghu Varma (Ragz) and Sandeep Veepuri  (Sandy). Inspiration I gained from them allowed me to dig deep into animation. Finally I made up my mind and convinced my parents to join Animation Mentor.

Animation Mentor has been the best decision I made career wise as a Character Animator. The learning experience, the talents you meet there, and whole energy level were just pure awesome. I was lucky enough to be mentored by Royce Wesley(Pixar), Elliot Roberts (Double Fine), Nicole Herr (Sony Imageworks), Jon Collins (Pixar), T Dan Hofstedt (Disney) and Jay Jackson (Disney). I graduated from AM on March 2011.

I always enjoy learning new things and find new ways to expand my creative contribution. Always living the life of a student and the best part of it is you get to make friends with like minded people. Speaking of friends the biggest benifit of my student life in college and other institutes are the awesome friends I who will always be an integral part of my life.


I started my career as a graphic designer for print and web while I was in college. After learning 3D Max I did more architectural visualizations and some 3D presentations. After completing my production training in Clusters I stayed there for a while as a freelance animator to develop shots for their show-reels and seminars. In 2010 I joined DWIZ as an Animator. I helped in co-founding DWIZ with its partners. DWIZ is a creative design studio providing services to support many prestigious brands in various media. There I’ve been charged with everything from conceptualization to design and execution of various architectural visualizations, brand presentations, websites, illustrations etc. From there I got to learn the amazing WordPress. I left DWIZ in May 2012 to again plunge into contract jobs. I am currently working as 3D Animator in Jump Games. Jump Games is a game studio based in Pune, India that produces games for iOS and Android platforms using Unity 3D engine. During my free time I am also contributing to the development of an in house production of DWIZ called “Fanny and Chip”.


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Two hobbies outside animation that I am most passionate about are Photography and Gaming. I just love to click no matter which camera I use (my favourite being my Phone camera). You can see some of my snaps in my Flickr page or in the gallary at the bottom right. They may not be professional class but I sure enjoyed taking them and looking at them from time to time.

Video games has always been a part of my life and is also one the biggest influencers in my career decision. I am a hardcore gamer and still play on most of the platforms including PC, Xbox, PS and iOS. I am attaching my gamer cards below. Feel free to add me up and may be we can play together. Even though I do not get much time these days for games due to work and family, I make sure I am updated with the industry news & try out the best games of the year.